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Bronx Criminal Lawyers: Delmas A. CostinDelmas A. Costin, Jr. is the sole proprietor of The Law Office of Delmas A. Costin, Jr. Mr. Costin represents parties in employment discrimination matters, labor-management disputes, civil rights litigation and criminal proceedings.

Mr. Costin began his legal career serving as an Assistant District Attorney in the Office of the Bronx District Attorney. He was the primary prosecutor in dozens of trials and proceedings during his 6 year tenure. He also worked in Manhattan law firms where he represented personal injury defendants, labor unions and union benefit funds in litigation throughout the tri-state area. Mr. Costin has practiced law in New York State since the late 90’s.

Mr. Costin fights hard for individuals accused of committing a crime. The law is clear – you are innocent until proven guilty. A criminal accusation does not mean that you are indeed guilty – it means that the District Attorney only has a belief a crime has been committed and ultimately must prove it. Mr. Costin forcefully defends the criminally accused at trial and in certain circumstances crafts plea deals that do not have jail time. His hard work and creativity make him a successful attorney.

All too often, employees find themselves in situations where they are not treated fairly by their employer – they are victims of discrimination, improperly paid their wages, or illegally denied benefits. Fighting for individual rights is very important to Mr. Costin. Frequently, the employee is left with nothing because of the employer’s action. For Mr. Costin, helping individuals is an issue of fundamental fairness and doing what is right. As a former Human Resources Manager, Mr. Costin understands the way to properly handle situations.

Mr. Costin believes that good representation requires understanding the client’s position. Interviewing the client and witnesses, review of documents, and a thorough investigation are essential to developing a good case. This process develops strong cases which helps his clients obtain their desired goals.

Mr. Costin spends his free time supporting various groups in the New York City area. He serves as a member of the Board of Directors for a Bronx Head Start Program and co-chairperson of the Legal Redress Committee of the Mid-Manhattan Branch of the NAACP. He is also a member of various bar associations including the National Employment Lawyers Association, the New York State Bar Association, the Bronx County Bar Association and the Black Bar Association of Bronx County. Finally, through these organizations and others, Mr. Costin has spoken to community groups about employment discrimination, unemployment law, the rights of criminally accused and police brutality.

Mr. Costin was born and raised in New York City. He is a graduate of Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations and the Boston University School of Law.

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