Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains His Role in the Initial Stages of Your Case

At the Law Office of Delmas A. Costin, Jr., we are dedicated to fighting to protect the rights of those who have been accused of a crime. When you’ve been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, don’t assume you will be found guilty. Our Bronx criminal defense lawyers will advocate for you and devise aggressive strategies for your defense. In many situations, we can devise a plea deal that will help you avoid jail time.Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your criminal defense lawyer will serve specific roles during each stage of a criminal case. Here is what you can expect during the early stages of your case – the initial appearance and the arraignment.

Initial Appearance

The initial appearance is the first opportunity for a lawyer to advocate on his client’s behalf. Your Bronx criminal defense lawyer will review the pending charges, challenge the charges if the state has not sufficiently established probable cause, and identify other possible ways to establish your innocence. Your lawyer should also seek your release on bail. If the prosecutor requests a high bail, the defense lawyer should compel the state to explain additional facts, on the record, to justify the amount of bail requested.

During an arraignment, your Bronx criminal defense lawyer should discuss your procedural rights with the prosecutor and begin to discuss evidence that may be offered by each side in the case. The state’s lawyer may provide the court with information regarding a pre-trial identification or submit statements made during an interrogation or investigation. If there are grounds to challenge this information, your lawyer will do that at the arraignment. In addition, your defense lawyer may request a preliminary hearing or ask the court for the opportunity to submit testimony at a grand jury hearing.

Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Tasks

A defense lawyer often has other tasks which may arise during the initial appearance or the arraignment. Your lawyer may need to request the preservation of important evidence — for example, 911 tapes, voicemail recordings, emails, blood samples, or medical examination results — which otherwise may be lost or destroyed, or insist on the documentation of your injuries if you’ve suffered from mishandling by police.

A defense lawyer may also need to prepare discovery requests to obtain evidence held by the prosecution. In addition, your lawyer will likely need to prepare for witness testimony and develop a strategy for questioning key witnesses, such as the police officer involved with the case. A skilled defense lawyer may be able to discuss the possibility of a more favorable outcome, such as a plea bargain, case dismissal or pre-trial diversion, with the police or prosecutor’s office involved in the case.

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