Police Misconduct

Bronx Criminal Defense Attorney Delmas A. Costin, Jr. discusses police misconduct While police officers have a broad range of powers to carry out their job duties, the Constitution and other laws put limits on how far police officers can go in enforcing the law. A key purpose of America’s civil rights laws is to protect […]

Factors Affecting Emotional Distress Damages

Although you, as the plaintiff-employee, are entitled to emotional distress damages under all federal anti-discrimination laws, there is no specific scientific or mathematical formula for calculating the amount of emotional distress damages. In order to estimate what a jury will award in emotional distress damages, you should speak to a Bronx employment law attorney about […]

I Quit! Can I Still File A Claim for Wrongful Termination?

“I quit! Can I still file a claim for wrongful termination?” At the Law Offices of Delmas A. Costin, Jr., we are often asked this question by good employees who walked away from a bad situation. If you were forced out of your job due to severe or pervasive harassment, you may have a claim […]

A Bronx Employment Lawyer on Overtime Opportunitites

Most employers are required under federal and New York law to pay overtime. The general rule is that all employees who are not exempt must be paid one and one-half of their regular hourly rate for each overtime hour worked, but as an experienced Bronx employment lawyer understands, there are many exceptions, and the rules are […]

Bronx Employment Law Attorney Explains Evidence of Intent

In an employment discrimination action, the primary question a Bronx employment law attorney will seek to answer is whether the decision-maker in question had any intent to discriminate in performing the action. In other words, did he or she intend to terminate you, or fail to promote you, on the basis of your protected status? […]

Bronx Workplace Discrimination Attorney Discusses Religion and Discrimination

If you feel as though you are experiencing discrimination in the workplace based on your religion, contact your local Bronx workplace discrimination attorney for assistance. The First Amendment on the Bill of Rights guarantees that every American has the right to freedom of their chosen religion, not one that has been chosen for them by […]

Our Bronx Employment Attorney Discusses Age Discrimination

A Bronx employment attorney can explain when an employer’s actions rise to the level of age discrimination in the workplace. Not all adverse actions against all employees create an actionable claim. Violation under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act This act is the federal law that prohibits treating older employees less favorably than younger employees. […]

Our Bronx Employment Law Firm Gives an Overview of Employers Liability Insurance

Our Bronx employment law firm helps clients who have questions about their employers’ liability insurance. This insurance covers employer liabilities that are not addressed in workers’ compensation claims, which is when an employee is hurt while at work. A History of Employers’ Liability Insurance Coverage for American workers has been in existence for nearly 100 […]

Defense Lawyers’ Informal Discovery Tactics

  Discovery is the formal process where two parties involved in lawsuits share information before trial. In addition to taking advantage of formal discovery procedures, a defendant’s lawyer may also utilize informal discovery methods to uncover material that could be useful against a plaintiff and his or her Bronx employment law attorney. Litigation Other than that […]

Is Coverage Provided by Your D&O, EPLI, or CGL Insurance Policy?

Is Coverage Provided by Your D&O, EPLI, or CGL Insurance Policy? An employer will usually immediately want to determine if any of its insurance policies cover an employee’s claim. An experienced lawyer at a Bronx discrimination law firm realizes the importance of quickly determining insurance coverage. This is due to the fact that many policies […]

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Employers may intimidate employees with Computer Fraud and Abuse Act A Bronx discrimination lawyer will inform you that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) is sometimes used by employers to intimidate an employee who is filing or contemplating filing a claim for employment discrimination. The CFAA was first passed as the Counterfeit Access Device […]

Wrongful Termination Under New York Law

It is common for employees to think they were fired for unfair reasons, or in other words, wrongfully terminated. Under New York labor laws, workers are hired at will, meaning they can be fired for any reason or without any reason. However, there are exceptions to this “at will” employment rule. If you believe you […]

At-Will Employment Does Not Mean Wrongful Termination

At-Will Employment Does Not Mean Wrongful Termination Just because you work in an at-will employment environment where your employer is permitted to fire employees for almost any reason or for no reason at all, this does not mean that your employer is exempt from federal, state and New York City anti-discrimination laws. If you believe […]

Your Rights to Unpaid Overtime Under New York Laws

Your Rights to Unpaid Overtime Under New York Laws Under New York employment law, an employer must pay an employee for all hours worked. In addition, if the employee work more than forty hours in a week, the employer must pay the employee overtime pay unless the employee is considered an exempt worker. If your […]

Evidence of Employment Harassment

Evidence of Employment Harassment A Bronx employment law attorney will advise you that harassment is forbidden by Title VII as well as the anti-discrimination statutes of all states due to the fact that an individual is a member of a protected class. Whenever a possible claim of harassment is made, an evaluation will be made […]