Police Misconduct

Bronx Criminal Defense Attorney Delmas A. Costin, Jr. discusses police misconduct While police officers have a broad range of powers to carry out their job duties, the Constitution and other laws put limits on how far police officers can go in enforcing the law. A key purpose of America’s civil rights laws is to protect […]

Factors Affecting Emotional Distress Damages

Although you, as the plaintiff-employee, are entitled to emotional distress damages under all federal anti-discrimination laws, there is no specific scientific or mathematical formula for calculating the amount of emotional distress damages. In order to estimate what a jury will award in emotional distress damages, you should speak to a Bronx employment law attorney about […]

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Wages, Hours and Overtime

You work hard.  You want to know that your employer is paying you what you have earned and is abiding by the laws governing workplace hours and overtime.  This can be tricky, though, because these laws are complicated.  If you have concerns about how your employer is handling wages, hours and overtime, this post should […]

What Is the Difference Between an Employee and an Independent Contractor?

Who Is an Employee? An employee is a worker who is under the direct control of his or her employer. Typically, an employee must comply with specific work rules and expectations. In exchange, the employer must pay wages and other benefits. Employees have broad legal protections. Most employees are covered by: Wage and hour laws […]

Bronx Hiring Discrimination Lawyers Explain Your Rights

Discrimination laws apply at every level of the employment process, from hiring to termination. Discrimination in hiring can be particularly insidious, however, because a prospective employee may not even realize that she lost a job opportunity due to discriminatory hiring practices. In this article, our Bronx hiring discrimination lawyers explain key concepts underlying these claims, […]

I Quit! Can I Still File A Claim for Wrongful Termination?

“I quit! Can I still file a claim for wrongful termination?” At the Law Offices of Delmas A. Costin, Jr., we are often asked this question by good employees who walked away from a bad situation. If you were forced out of your job due to severe or pervasive harassment, you may have a claim […]

A Bronx Employment Lawyer on Overtime Opportunitites

Most employers are required under federal and New York law to pay overtime. The general rule is that all employees who are not exempt must be paid one and one-half of their regular hourly rate for each overtime hour worked, but as an experienced Bronx employment lawyer understands, there are many exceptions, and the rules are […]

Our Employment Discrimination Lawyer Will Help Clients Understand Age Discrimination Laws

Your employment discrimination lawyer will assist you with understanding how the law will protect you from being subjected to age discrimination. A Bronx Employment Lawyer Will Explain Age Discrimination Laws in Employment Both federal and state laws are in place to stop employers from being discriminatory against applicants and employees based on age. The most […]

Our Bronx Employment Attorney on Issues in a Retaliation Case

Employment retaliation cases are inherently difficult to prove; seldom does an employment discrimination lawyer find the proverbial “smoking gun” as evidence. More typically, the case must be developed through circumstantial evidence. Basic Considerations The basic claim regarding retaliation involves the concept that an employer may not take a negative action against an employee in response […]

Our Bronx Employment Lawyer Addresses Proving Sexual Harassment

Clients sometimes ask our Bronx employment lawyer how they can best prepare for a sex harassment deposition. Prior to the deposition, you will need to meet with your attorney to ensure that your clearly understand the key elements of the case. Your lawyer will discuss a case strategy with you and talk about what theories […]

Your Rights After Termination

The wrongful termination lawyers at The Law Offices of Delmas A. Costin Jr. often help people who have been fired from their jobs. While employers are allowed to fire employees for almost any reason, there are certain circumstances under which a termination will be deemed to be wrongful and forbidden by law. Rights All Employees […]

Retaliatory Intent and Direct Evidence

It is important to understand retaliatory intent, and your employment discrimination lawyer may be able to help you. Under the law, one important issue for a retaliation case is proof of the employer’s motive for engaging in the adverse employment actions. This is because a retaliation case requires retaliatory intent. Your employment discrimination lawyer can […]

Workplace Discrimination Legislation Defined by an Employment Discrimination Lawyer

With the assistance of an employment discrimination lawyer, it’s possible for people to define their rights as an employee. Anyone who believes that their rights have been violated by an employer may contact the Law Offices of Delmas A. Costin Jr. As part of a Bronx employment discrimination law firm with a solid track record, these attorneys have the […]

Our Bronx Employment Law Firm Discusses the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Our Bronx employment law firm is often asked what the rights of a small business or company are when it comes to preventing computer fraud. While a company has the right to monitor any business sites, some employers take their rights too far and cite the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act against employees in an […]

A Bronx Employment Attorney on Getting Fired for Sick Days

A Bronx employment attorney at The Law Offices of Delmas A. Costin Jr. often speaks with people who have been fired for using too many sick days or for taking sick leave from work. In some cases, it is allowable for your employer to fire you for taking sick days off from work. In others, […]